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Education and Outreach Programs



  • Art Adventure: Castleford 3rd and 4th graders visit 8th St. Center 5 times yearly. Tour exhibit, have lunch and create artwork then go to Buhl Public Library to learn about books that pertain to exhibit.
  • E.S.C.A.P.E.: Eighth Street Center Arts Program Extreme. Six intensive after school art programs for middle and high school youth. 2003-04 season will partner with Boys and Girls Club and BMS “A+A” After School Program.


Art Adventure

 The Buhl Arts Council, Buhl Public Library, Magic Valley HealthNet Coalition (asset building promotion organization), Castleford Men's Club, Arctic Circle Restaurant, Home Town Cookin’ and the Castleford School District have collaborated on a program for Castleford third and fourth grade students. Once every other month throughout the school year (five times total) students visit the gallery at the Buhl Arts Council and tour the exhibits. Then local donors provide lunch, followed by a fun craft project that pertains to the exhibit subject. Next the students walk (one block) to the Buhl Public Library to learn about library materials that pertained to the exhibit. This project introduces the students to a variety of element and resources within the arts and literature in a fun, constructive way. This program targets students in the third and fourth grades at Castleford Elementary. Their parents benefit from the information sent home with the youth about asset development, community program/opportunities in the arts and literature. This program emulates a highly successful ongoing (15 years) program in Missoula, MT.

of the Project:
A. Provide youth with a greater understanding about a variety of Visual Arts techniques.
B. Build self-esteem through creating of craft project.
C. Increase interest in non-fiction literature.
D. Increase awareness about the Asset Building Program.
E. Build community awareness through project collaborations
F. Provide youth with creative alternatives.

2006-07 exhibits to include:

Sept-Oct          Smithsonian “Key Ingredients” & “Buhl Centennial – Food for Everyone” Celebrating the history of food in America from the growing processes to packaging to consumption.


Oct 19-Dec 19 Missoula Art Museum “Native Perspective: Interpretations of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.” This Exhibit will feature 15 prints by some of the top Native Ameican artists of our time and their interpretations of the effects of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


Dec 20-Feb 28              Terry Halberts “Our National Parks” Photographs of our National Parks. Breath taking large scale black and white photography depicting the beauty of our National Parks with an emphasis on the parks in and around Idaho.


March-April     Lisa Holly animal prints and Mickey Tanner jewelry Sun Valley based Lisa Holly creates wonderful renditions of our favorite local wildlife, but look a little closer and discover a whole caste of characters hiding within the primary image. Mickey Tanner creates wonderful treasures from precious and semi precious stones and other found objects.


April-May        Area High School Youth Exhibit and ESCAPE Exhibit Celebrate the successes and talents of our area youth.

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In the year 2000, the Buhl Arts Council established the ESCAPE (Eighth Street Center Arts Program Extreme) to provide area youth with an after school opportunity to explore a variety of artistic disciplines not traditionally available through the public school art classes.  ESCAPE is a venue for youth to interact with professional artists and have hands-on experiences with art.  Our goal is to promote a relationship between the arts and youth with the hopes of building self-esteem and community pride.  The ESCAPE program is currently in its forth year.

Fifteen students are allowed to enroll in each of the six programs through the recommendation of Mrs. Wright.   Instructors (usually one artist and one educator) lead the intensive sessions that are 2 1/2 to 3 hours a week from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. for 6 weeks.

New to the program last year was a focus on public art.  This is in response to the large City Revitalization project that has begun in the spring of 2003.  Each of the six sessions will be asked to create a piece of artwork to be installed in a public venue.  Local officials from the Economic Development Council, the Chamber of Commerce and the City Mayor will assist the youth in choosing venues and subjects for the artwork and attend a dedication ceremony for the instillation.  The goal of this is to continue introducing youth to the importance of community pride and the role that public art can play in a community.

At the end of the school year there will be an ESCAPE exhibit at the 8th St. Center. Family, friends and members of the community will be invited.

Program Partners/Funding:
 The ESCAPE program this year is a collaboration between the Buhl Arts Council, The Magic Valley Health Net Coalition and the Buhl Middle School “A+A” Program. Program made possible through funding from the “21st Century Learning Grant” through the Buhl Middle School and a Idaho Governor’s Community Collaboration Grant.

Objectives of the ESCAPE Program

  1.  To provide artists and art instructors with a positive atmosphere to learn more about how to work most effectively with youth at risk.
  2.  Incorporate dynamic teaching tactics and exciting projects to give youth a venue to explore the arts, achieve goals, and build self-esteem.
  3.  Provide youth with a positive alternative for communication and productive extracurricular activity.
  4.  Involve youth's families and friends in celebrating their accomplishments and building healthy family relationships.

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School Connections / Art Outreach

The performances and Artist led education activities that have been previously available at the schools have either been privately scheduled by the educators or through the National School Assemblies. The Buhl Art Council began scheduling Artists-in-residencies, school clinics and performances with the Buhl Joint School District in 2000. In 2002-03 the Buhl Arts Council was able to present 14 performances to the Buhl and Castleford Schools due to an ICA – School Connections Grant.

This is the third year the Buhl Arts Council will conduct a performing arts program with the local schools. It has been a wonderful way to open the doors of communication between the schools and the Council. Over 75% of the youth in the Castleford Schools are ESL and 80% qualify for the free lunch program due to their families income level. Most of these youth have few opportunities to experience the arts. The roster of performers for the BAC ’03-’04 season has an emphasis on performers who specialize in “culturally” focused performances that should appeal to the youth.
Principals in both the Buhl and Castleford Schools have commented on the importance of this program and the need to get the performing arts into the schools. They realize what an asset this program is, especially in these times of budget cuts. Both school districts have had to cut some of their “non-academic” programming and are so appreciative that the Buhl Arts Council is assisting with trying to not only replace those programs, but provide better quality programs than were originally in place.

The Buhl Elementary School Principal, Helen Brown, gave the Arts Council a wonderful compliment when she told us, "In the past I have found my performances privately or through the National School Assemblies, I have been so happy with the performances that the Arts Council is presenting. The next time National School Assemblies call, I would like to tell them that I am solely working through our local arts council.”. This program is funded in part by a grant from the Idaho Commission on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

  The following performers will be providing Performances /Clinics to the Buhl and Castleford Schools.


October: Rani Arbo: Wicked percussion, sublime lead singing, great harmonies, sparkling original songs and a deep repertoire. A young, hip, crackerjack string band in love with American music. Start with a fiddle, a guitar, and a standup bass. Add a cardboard box with a suitcase bass drum and tin can cymbals, played by an ex-rock and zydeco drummer. Over that fine groove, hang Rani Arbo's expressive alto, seamless four-part harmonies, and a splash of banjo and ukulele, and you have it. (Three school programs) For more information visit:


November: Living Voices: Native Vision The experience of Native Americans in the 1930's and 1940's. A Navajo girl Explores  her family's past while struggling to keep her Culture in a government-run boarding school. Her vision of becoming a modern healer in a changing world is Brought to life as her community joins the U.S. in World War Two. (Two school programs) For more information visit:


December 8: Jim Jarret: Vincent  Jarret offers a full-length productions that “bring power and magic of live theater to as many children and adults in as many communities as possible. Jarret’s production of Leonard Nimoy’s Vincent (a story of artist, Vincent Van Gough) enters its ninth season of touring the world. Includes Desserts. (Two school programs) For more information visit:


December: Local Caroling: Caroling: Buhl High School Jazz and Select Choirs: Celebrate the holiday season with the Annual Buhl Light Parade then join us for festivities and warm up with cocoa and cookies at The 8th St. Center. The Buhl High School Select and Jazz Choir members will lead songs for the season. Free admission.


February 14: Paul Tillotson: jazz piano Born in Boise, Idaho, Paul has made New York City his home for the past fourteen years.  He has played with some of the top names in music over his twenty-eight years at the piano, including: Gene Harris, Vernel Fournier, Lynn Seaton, Luther Hughes, Red Holloway, Ernie Watts, Chris Minh Doky, Matt Wilson, Anton Fig (David Letterman Band), Chris Bodi (Sting), Lenny Picket (Saturday Night Live Band), Shawn Pelton (Saturday Night Live Band), Michael Merritt (Conan O’Brien Band) and James Wormworth (Conan O’Brien Band). In November 2002, Paul released his fourth CD entitled Funky Good Time-Idaho Mountain Express.  His trio has been complimented with Jeff Rew; bass, Josh Kelly; drums and James Wormworth; drums. (Two school programs) For more information visit:


April 20:  Cascada de Flores CASCADA DE FLORES is rapidly becoming part of the SF Bay Area’s musical vocabulary. The trio, with its talent and passion for the rich cultural heritage of Mexico and Cuba, has elicited an extraordinary response from diverse audiences, media, and fellow musicians. Each performer has a capacity for emotion and impressive musicality that brings new life to traditional yet timeless song gems. Their performances are hailed for their warmth and spontaneity, and the listener is enveloped by expressive guitar melodies and the celestial harmonies of two wonderful voices. (Three school programs)

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For the most current scheduling of any of our educational or outreach programs please see the Calendar of Events.

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