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John McClusky, "Wine Bottle" oil, 16" x 20"

Top ten things you should know about the Buhl Arts Council:


1. Mission: To enrich the creative spirit by providing education and exposure to the arts.


2. Four main goals:

            a. Education and exposure to the arts

            b. Opportunities for artists to work within the community

            c. Collaborate with local organizations

            d. Build a healthy and dynamic organization


3. Programs:

Performing Arts: 8 public performances, 4 free summer outdoor performances, 12 performances in Buhl and Castleford schools,

Visual Arts: 7 art exhibits, 2 youth programs: ESCAPE (After school art alternative for middle and high school aged youth) and Art Adventure (for Castleford 3rd and 4th graders.),

All Arts: numerous classes/presentations for all ages.


4. Budget: FY 2004 - $100,000

Income: FY 2004 - $36,000 grants/foundations, $60,000 private/corporate donations, $4,000 tickets/ other income

Expenses: $38,000 performances, $28,000 ESCAPE, $5,200 Art Adventure, $28,800 operating/other


5. Organization: The Buhl Arts Council is a non-profit 501-c3 community based organization founded in 1988 by local members of the community with an interest in promoting the arts in the West End of the Magic Valley.


6. Fundraising: Programs are made possible by generous tax deductible donations through annual giving contributions, program sponsorships, membership contributions, ticket sales and state/regional and federal grants.


7. Collaborations: In order to have the strongest programs possible, the Buhl Arts Council collaborates with the local chamber of commerce, city departments, school districts, service organizations, Boys and Girls Club of the Magic Valley/ Buhl, other youth affiliated organizations and businesses.


8. Leadership: Nine member Board or Directors rotating every two years. 11 board meetings a year and 1 Annual Strategic Planning Retreat. Staff: Two part-time staff – Executive Director (30 hr/wk) and Office Manager (20 hr/wk), numerous artists on contract. 20 frequent volunteers


9. Facility: The BAC is housed in the 8th Street Center, LLC. It was originally the First Presbyterian Church built in 1907 and is now privately owned. It includes main hall (seats 100), kitchen, classrooms and garden. The 8th St Center is open 12:00-5:00 Tues-Fri. and by appointment.

Buhl Arts Council Board and Staff

President                       Carolyn Erickson

Vice President                Kacee O’Connor

Board Members              Shirley Anderson, Rich Stivers, Tara Martens, Carter Wilson, and Michael Aland

At Large Member            Kathy Ruyts

Executive Director          Kelly Daluiso

Office Manager               Marty Wilson

Culinary Advisor             LuAnn Stites

Technical Consultant     Robert Sigmon

Performance Manager    Jim Soran

Buhl Arts Council


FY 2005-06 Strategic Plan:

The Mission of the Buhl Arts Council is to enrich the community’s creative spirit by providing education and exposure to the arts.


Goal 1: Provide education and exposure to the Arts.

Objective 1: Provide a diversity of performing arts events.

Objective 2: Offer adult educational opportunities in the arts and humanities.

Objective 3: Provide out of school opportunities for youth to explore the arts.

Objective 4: Provide the community exposure to a variety of visual art experiences.


Goal 2: Provide opportunities for artists of all disciplines to work within the community for compensation.

Objective 1: Provide opportunities for artists to showcase themselves, their work, and their techniques.

Objective 2: Provide during-school opportunities for artists.

Objective 3: Explore opportunities to educate the community about the value of arts as a livelihood.


Goal 3: Explore arts and cultural endeavors in collaboration with a diverse variety of local organizations.

Objective 1: Explore community collaborations to promote public art.

Objective 2: Work with communities to encourage arts events.


Goal 4 Build a healthy, dynamic organization.

Objective 1: Develop a strong structure

Objective 2: Increase visibility through public relations and marketing

Objective 3: Develop tools for assessment and evaluation both internally and by the community

Objective 4: Establish a sound financial plan.


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