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This page is a printable form for: Membership, Ticket Orders, Class Enrollment, Donations, and Fundraisers.
Please print it out, fill it in, and send it with payment to:

THE BUHL ARTS COUNCIL at The Eighth Street Center
200 North Eighth
Buhl, ID 83316

All memberships are valid through one year from date of issue.
Memberships receive all Buhl Arts Council mailings,
invitations to special member only events and discounts on select programs.
It is your continued support and generosity through donations and membership dues that make our programs and events possible. Thank you for your consideration.

Name:____________________ Business:____________________
City: _____________ State:____ Zip:_______ Phone:____________
Method of payment: ___Cash  ___Check

Personal Memberships:
___ $15 Student    ___ $25 Friend    ___$50 Donor    ___ $100 Supporter
___ $250 Associate    ___ $500 Sustainer    ___ $1,000+ Patron

Business Memberships:
___ $100 Supporter    ___ $250 Associate    ___ $500 Sustainer
___ $1,000 Patron    ___ $2,500 Gold Benefactor
___ $5,000+ Platinum Benefactor

___ General Donation  $________

___ $200 Key to the Art Fundraiser: Piano key purchase
            Name to be listed on key:____________________________

Please enroll me for the following classes. Payment for $_____ is enclosed. _________________________________________________

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